This Moved Me

I wanted to do a special Mini Moved Me in honor of Thanksgiving - thanking you for your support, for your questions and insights and connections. I do feel so incredibly thankful for this slice of my life that has been so gratifying in the past year. 

All of that is very true - I'm incredibly grateful for this show, and for each of you. But I also feel a pang of shallowness in that sentiment. I need to place my gratitude within the context of this greater world that is struggling so much right now. 

I read this beautiful post by Elizabeth Gilbert about Mercy, about keeping our hearts open when so many people are shutting theirs down. We, as meaning-makers, speaker - MOVERS - our job is to help people experience mercy, to open their hearts, to illuminate the suffering of others and have it become our suffering as well. To experience each other, to experience compassion. To be human. 

Thank you for your open hearts. 

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